Individual Award Nomination Form

My organization would like to submit nomination(s) for Distinguished Marketing Leadership Awards as well as Outstanding Marketing Professional Awards of the HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence 2017.
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A. Nomination for Distinguished Marketing Leadership Awards
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B. Nomination for Outstanding Marketing Professional Awards
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(Deadline for submitting the completed write-up is Friday, 9 Jun 2017.)

A crossed cheque no: of HK$ made payable to "The Hong Kong Management Association" is sent to the following address:

The Hong Kong Management Association
16/F, Tower B, Southmark
11 Yip Hing Street
Wong Chuk Hang
Hong Kong
Attn: Ms Anthea Suen

*HK$6,900 (HKMA Member)/ HK$9,900 (Non-Member) for each nomination for Distinguished Marketing Leadership Awards or Outstanding Marketing Professional Awards

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